Friday, February 11, 2011

Hosni is History

Hosni Mubarak 2003
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Two questions now come to mind.  First, is there really any difference between Mubarak being in control and the military being in control?  Mubarak was a career military officer and was formerly the head of the Egyptian Air Force.  His staying in power or leaving office was always at the nod of the military.

Second, if the military keeps to its promise of staying in power only during the 'transition', who or what will lead next?  Egypt does not have a history of democracy, so it's hard to imagine a Jeffersonian democracy springing up in the shadow of the Pyramids.

The transition to military rule was a violation of the Egyptian constitution.  When Mubarak stepped down, the Speaker of the Parliament should have taken over, not the military.  Absent the rule of law, what's going on in Egypt is a revolution, the outcome of which is entirely up for grabs.

It's great to see the joyous celebrations on the streets of Cairo and the Watchman wishes the protesters well.  Unfortunately, the odds that this will turn out well for Egypt, the US, or the world are very small.

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