Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Chihuahua of the West

Ronald Reagan once called Moammar Qaddafi "the mad dog of the Middle East".  Well, today, the mad dog of the Middle East met the Chihuahua of the West. (h/t to Monica Crawley for the well turned phrase.)

After remaining silent for 9 days while unarmed Libyan protesters where slaughtered by the hundreds from the land, sea, and air forces of the mad dog, the American Chihuahua finally found his voice.  Unfortunately, he couldn't seem to remember Qaddafi's name.

Please tell me how on earth the President of the United States can make a public statement about the actions of the Butcher of Tripoli without calling him by name or calling for his removal from power?  Chihuahua Obama had no problem remembering Mubarak's name and calling for his 'transition from power' very early on in the Egyptian uprising.

This is especially appalling because Ronald Regan demonstrated years ago how to deal with Qaddafi:  face him down like the mad dog he is.  Face him down like Reagan did and he coughs up his WMDs.  You don't run to the useless United Nations seeking 'sanctions' to make a mad dog 'accountable'  You park a carrier battle group off of Tripoli  and declare a no-fly zone over Libya.  That might at least reduce the body count of innocents.

"Today we have done what we had to do.  If necessary, we shall do it again." said Ronaldus Maximus after he bombed Qaddafi's home, but missed hitting him.  What do you do with a mad dog?  You shoot him.  Finish the job Reagan started.  Locate this thug and introduce him to our newest model of hellfire missile.

This weekend, rent The Manchurian Candidate and ask yourself why Chihuahua Obama repeatedly disses our friends and gives a pass to our enemies.

-Liberty Watchman

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