Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ship Saved. Huckabee Sunk

The Tea Party literally saved the ship of state yesterday.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he had at least 9 Republican Senators who were ready to vote for the Omnibus porker as he prepared to bring the bill to the Senate floor.  Then the Tea Party patriots roared into action, melting down the phone lines to DC and the 9 votes evaporated in the heat.

The good news is that the will of the people won the day.  The bad news is that there are still 9 RINOs blowing in the Senate wind who were prepared to vote for a bill that only a handful of guys wrote, nobody had time to read, and that would grow the national debt pile by a cool trillion or so.  Any fool could see that this was a bad idea for the nation, but there are still two handfuls of Republican uberfools who think the electorate is still sleeping through the financial apocalypse.  Fortunately, the anger of the American people is aroused and it doesn't look like anybody is going back to sleep until at least 2013 (if then).

The only good to come out of this Lame Duck session so far is that it is exposing the soft RINO underbelly of the Republican Presidential wannabes.  Governor Mike Huckabee, a guy the Watchman thought would make a reasonable conservative President, fell on his sword as he announced that all the Congressional Republican's who opposed the so-called Obama tax cut compromise were wrong to do so.  He basically said, this is the best deal we can get.

Oh really?  When?  Maybe its the best deal we can get in December, but it's surely not the best deal we can get in January.

Huckabee must never become the Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Forces.  His strategy on the tax cut legislation is akin to saying, "Charge that hill, boys.  We've got 2 divisions coming up as reinforcements next month, but the enemy will give us half the ground between here and the top of the hill if we charge now."

That's insane.  No commander makes a charge at half strength if he can help it.  And the low part of the hill is always the easiest part to charge against. It's the top, where the hill is the steepest, that is the most difficult to take.

So Huckabee, Gingrich, and some other presidential contenders have shown that they love the art of the compromise more than they love standing for bedrock conservative principles.  It's politics as usual with solutions that no American likes (expect the "peace in our time" Republican appeasers).

Say what you will about Obama's inexperience as President, but he's won every political battle so far.  He charged when he had the troops and got health care passed.  His troops were decimated in the process and on the eve of being overrun in a counter-attack, he brilliantly negotiates a cease-fire which the rube Republicans accept.  By the time hostilities commence again, he will have reinforced his position having created an image of 'reasonableness' in the minds of voters while at the same time wielding a veto pen that will hold that hill for the next two years.

Way to go RINOs.


  1. I liked Huckabee, until he gave us Mccain, and handed Obama the election. Had he dropped out of the race, when any sane, or rational mind should have, a superior candidate could have emerged, but he remained, and gave us Obama. It's good to see, he's still as politically savvy as he once was. "best we can do" huh?

  2. I think you should give Huckabee a second look. Sometimes you do have to take what you can with what you have and then get more when the reinforcements get there. Want proof that that is the way it happens in DC? Look at Don't Ask Dont Tell- Before Clinton, Gays were not allowed. With Clinton we got DADT. The left pushed the envelope a little further until today we see a full embrace of gays in the military. Some things are best done in steps. The left knows that and has used it against us. We should learn from the tactic.
    Be that as it may, your disagreement with Huckabee is about strategy. Surly you both want to go in the same direction, to the same goal. To throw him overboard and lump him with the Rinos who in fact do not want to get to the same goal is a disservice to Gov. Huckabee and ultimately to the conservative cause. We want to win this next election and to do so, like it or not, we must get some independents on our side. We can't do that by demanding that every potential standard bearer must agree with our strategy every time. I believe Mike Huckabee would be a great and inspirational president. I only hope conservatives see that before another alternative is put forth that leaves BHO in the White House.

  3. Gary, your profile pic with the Governor telegraphs your bias on this matter.

    Yes the progressives have masterfully, incrementally eroded our freedoms for the past 100 years. Does that mean we should wait another hundred to take our country back? I don't think so. The nation is aroused like it hasn't been since the second world war. Half measures and incremental-ism will not satisfy the national hunger for an immediate return to limited constitutional government.

    You say Huckabee has the same goals as the Tea Party movement? I'm not so sure. I saw Huckabee talk condescendingly about the Tea Party all over the various Fox News programs. He has nothing but contempt for their 'absolutism', which means he absolutely doesn't share their core goals. He's a compromise on principle just waiting to happen again and again.