Monday, November 15, 2010

Naperville's Dumb and Dumber

Fraternal Order of Police
In the role of 'dumb' we have the Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Local 42. With the economy in full retreat and the city of Naperville facing ten million dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see, our cop shop thought they were entitled to a raise.

Wah! I want a Pony!!

In the face of these large deficits, did the city insist on a salary reduction from the Police union? No. Did they seek at least a salary freeze? No. Instead, on the eve of arbitration, the city offered the boys in blue a 3.3% salary increase for FY 2009/2010 and a 3.0% increase each year for the next two years.
Nationally, the average salary increase in 2009 according to Hewitt was 1.8%  Do Naperville's finest deserve a raise that is 83% above the national average?

"Well," you say in a good natured mood, "perhaps our gendarme are underpaid to begin with so we need to catch them up."  Not at all, gentle citizen.  Our magnum force is truly that, with our average flatfoot's salary at $74,949 compared to a national average of  $49,846.  That's 50% higher than the national average, folks.

"Yes, yes, but Naperville is a high crime area and we can't have our constabulary risking their lives every day for a pittance.  Er... ummm... yeah."  Sorry, Naperville's violent crime rate is 82% below the national average and our property crime rate is 48% below the national mark.  Our Police face roughly the same level of crime as Barney Fife.

Barney Fife

Like public sector unions everywhere, the FOP is out of control and living in a fantasy world.  Vince Clark, president of FOP Local 42 was shocked! shocked!! to discover the city had a budget problem.   “The city wants to paint a picture that our agreement has caused a hole in their budget, they can’t control it, and there’s going to be layoffs. At no time did (City Manager Doug) Krieger tell us we had to negotiate a better deal because this is how it’s going to end up,” said Clark.

Come on, Vince.  You're blowing so much smoke, we're going to have to call the fire department -- yet another overpaid public sector union.

Just when you thought that was as dumb as it can get, along comes dumber: the city of Naperville.  The city had the perfect opportunity to go to arbitration and bring Police salaries into line with reality when they inexplicably offered this bloated contract -- only to turn around days later and tell the union that 6 police officers would need to be laid off because the contract was too bloated.  Now the union is claiming the city negotiated in bad faith.

Here's the Watchman's Word to the Wise:  FOP you should have quit while you were ahead.  Isn't it enough that you got an undeserved contract?

The police union and the city deserve each other.  The citizens of Naperville deserve better.

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  1. You're right on Wayne. All unions are bloodsuckers.

  2. Police never relied on the economy for their salaries. They rec'd 3-4% increases when the private sector was booming. Now that the private sector corrected, don't expect the police to take nothing. Btw, feel free to don the police or fire uniform anytime & respond to injury or fatal crashes in 20 below temps or suicides at 4 in the morning when most are sleeping. We await your application

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    This argument gets tiresome. You believe that because public safety jobs entail risk that public safety employees are entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want it. Sorry, but there would be hundreds of people applying to be police officers or firemen in Naperville at half the current salary.

    Police and fire officials are honorable men and women, but they've let their union bosses dishonor them by demanding more from the citizens of this community than the citizens have to give.

  4. You are quite obviously not familiar with public safety unions. Public safety unions are made up of their own members, not "union bosses." They also don't strike for obvious reasons. Your characterization of a 3% wage increase as "whatever they want,whenever they want it" is skewed. Once again, feel free to stand in the line of the next police or fire exam where you live. Btw, the national FOP endorsed McCain in the last Presidential election and the State of Illinois FOP endorsed Brady.

  5. Liberty Watchman, I appreciated the meaningful discussion. I think we're on the same page with taxes, big government, etc. but your rank and file police and fire personnel are most certainly not the problem. Are you out there?

  6. Dear Not-So-Anonymous,

    I can only assume that the Naperville FOP, like every other union, operates at the behest of its union members.

    Whether that's true or not in this case, the union rank and file are still the problem. They either insisted the union negotiators hold out for an unacceptable increase or they failed to reign in those negotiators. Either way, the rank and file called the tune.