Friday, October 29, 2010

The Soulless Democrat Party

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Today it was revealed that former President Clinton tried to persuade the Democrat candidate for the US Senate in Florida, Kendrick B. Meek, to drop out of the race and throw his support behind Republican-turned-independent, Charlie Crist.  Crist himself confirmed this story and added that the White House was aware of the plan.  According to Crist, Meek had agreed to withdraw from the race, but has since changed his mind.  Meek denied that he ever intended to resign his candidacy.

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The logic of this scheme is mind boggling.  What genius thought that democrat voters could be persuaded to throw their votes to a life-long Republican?  And why would the democrat establishment prefer a RINO over a genuine liberal democrat like Meek?

The answer is simple:  The primary democrat value is power and control.  If the Obama and Clinton believe a RINO who is willing to make a deal with the democrat devil has a better chance of winning than an authentic liberal democrat, they'll join ranks with the prostituted RINO every time.  

They do so because Democrats have no soul, no guiding principles, no inviolate beliefs.  Control is their god and power the means to that control.  They will sacrifice all on the alter of party control.

Race is but a tool of control.  One day the post-racial Obama exhorts Latinos to "punish their [Republican] enemies", the next he throws a black candidate under the bus in Florida so that a white man who will do Obama's bidding can win.

All else is subordinate to control.  Healthcare for 32 million Americans?  Only if it enhances democrat control.  That's why a single-payer system is so important to them.  Education vouchers?  Rejected because they return control to the people.  33 Czars beholding to no one but the President?  Priceless.

Every day, in every way, the fascist nature of the democrat party becomes more and more evident. Yesterday, Bill Maher let slip the truth of democratic fascism when he said, "They say there's not enough bi-partisanship.  There's too much! ... We have Democrats for one reason: to drag the ignorant, hillbilly half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th."  In describing the American electorate he said, "They don't understand the issues.  They're too stupid.  They're like a dog.  They can understand inflection.  They can understand fear.  They can understand dominance.  They don't understand issues."

At best you are a dog to be trained and at worst a hillbilly to be dragged.  Is this not totalitarian fascism?  

Maher speaks for all establishment democrats.  This is why the democrat party is upset that the American people do not like Obamacare.  In false humility they say they didn't do enough to explain it to the people.  But in their prideful hearts they believe as Maher does that we are too stupid to know what is good for us and that we need to be dragged behind them on their way to utopia.

Next Tuesday the nation stands at the precipice.  To go forward is to plunge into a Borg collective from which we may never escape.  Let's take the road less traveled and embrace the wisdom of our forebears by returning to the rugged individualism and limited government model they set forth for us.

James Gannon summed up the situation well in his resent post on The American Spectator:

"The people who adhere to traditional American values -- which means everything that defined what America was and what it meant, up to the late 1960s -- have largely stood on the sidelines watching this takeover, too busy going to work, raising their kids, tending to the suburban home, paying their bills (even their mortgages!) to do anything about it. And anyway, they were the kind of nice, non-confrontational people who didn't want to raise a fuss and didn't want to get into conflict with their university-educated children (who were now shacking up, living off welfare, marching in "gay pride" parades or protesting at the World Bank) and who thought that all this politically-correct stuff was a fad that would pass in time, when everyone came to their senses.
Memo to the naive majority: It ain't gonna pass, it's only going to get worse, because this is a Movement -- a lifelong battle being waged by dedicated, determined, unscrupulous people because it is the only thing they have left to believe in, having abandoned religion as a superstition, patriotism as a joke, and morality as a strait-jacket. This is their religion, their family, their purpose in being, and they need to succeed in this life because at the end there is only Darkness."
h/t to Brother Mark
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