Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rent is Too *&$#@ High

Perhaps the funniest candidate in this silly season is Jimmy McMillan, a candidate for Governor of New York from the "The rent is too damn high" party.

Jimmy is the only member of the TRITDH party, but in a year when voter anger is at it's zenith, this guy might actually grab some votes.  If cadence counts, McMillan will be the next Governor of New York.

But should he?

Jimmy says, "My main job is to put a roof over your head, food on the table, and money in your pocket."  In short, he's the ultimate nanny state liberal in a mad-as-hell tea party wrapper.  Who's your Daddy?  Jimmy is!

If Jimmy McMillan is a side show, the Connecticut Senate race is the main event.  The Watchman sat stunned tonight as a Frank Luntz focus group agonized over the  choice between Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican Linda McMahon.  The issue on the lips of every focus group participant?  Jobs.

Jobs, jobs, jobs and nothing but jobs.  Who would create more jobs, Blumenthal or McMahon?  Who has more business experience, Blumenthal or McMahon?  Who has the true track record of creating jobs in the private sector, Blumenthal or McMahon?

If this focus group truly represents the mindset of most Connecticutians, these people may as well vote for Jimmy McMillian.  They don't want a Senator, they want a Daddy.

Attention People of the State of Connecticut:  United States Senators do not create jobs!  Nor should they attempt to create jobs.  When they do, they invariably screw things up.  The best -- the very best -- that a US Senator can do is get government out of the way of entrepreneurs who can create jobs.

If Jimmy McMillan is the side show, then the Connecticut Senate race is the main event.  But it's all part of the same circus if what the electorate wants is to have their noses wiped and butts powdered.
The long term test of the Tea Party is not found in the upcoming November slaughter.  The test comes when Tea Party Patriots deny themselves again and again in election after election and when they insists their elected representatives do the same.  Only then will a true return to the founding principles be achieved.
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