Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pick 3

Which of the following will do the most damage to the Obama presidency?

Mull it over and see what you think.  Then scroll down to read what the Watchman thinks.

The Sestak bribe actually has the potential to be the most damaging to the Obama presidency.  Sestak has admitted in a televised interview that someone in the Obama administration offered him a job to withdraw from the Pennsylvania Senate race.  Either he's lying or somebody in the Obama administration has committed a crime.

If the job offered was the Secretary of the Navy, as many suspect, then it's hard to imagine how a post that high could have been offered without Obama's knowledge.  That, gentle reader, would be a 'high crime and misdemeanor' justifying impeachment.

But it's extremely unlikely to get that far.  First, somebody needs to investigate it and with Obama controlling the Justice Department and democrats controlling Congress, that's not going to happen.  Even if an investigation was started, Sestak is not likely to rollover on Obama while he needs his help to win the seat in November.  After he loses, maybe, but don't count on it.  Without a recording of the conversation, it's nearly impossible to prove something like this.

The BP disaster is hurting Obama, but it won't cripple him.  He has wisely decided not to visibly 'take over' the disaster response even though he has the legal authority to do so.  In a rare demonstration of humility, the administration has admitted that they don't have the expertise or equipment to take over the job.

The watchman maintains that it is not the federal government's job to clean up after disasters.  It was not their job after Katrina and it is not their job after the BP blowout. Bush was unfairly criticized for the Katrina aftermath and Obama is now being unfairly criticized for the Gulf oil leak.

The biggest threat facing the Obama presidency is the mid term elections.  This could be the greatest political defeat in our lifetimes.  It's still too early to know for sure, but present indications are that the republicans could regain control of both the House and the Senate.  At least 100 House seats and 10 Senate seats could flip.  If that happens, it's the end of the Obama presidency.

While the mid terms could leave Obama neutered and stop his agenda from further crippling the nation, it will also leave the nation neutered.  We'll have grid lock in Washington at a critical time in our history.  If spending is not dramatically reduced during the final two years of the Obama administration, it may be impossible to pull ourselves back from fiscal disaster.  So a victory in November is a necessary, but insufficient condition for our rescue.

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