Saturday, March 20, 2010

Enemies of the People

Enemies of America are loose in our land. I'm not talking about Timothy McVeigh or Nidal Malik Hasan.  I'm not talking about Oklahoma City or Fort Hood.  I'm talking about Washington DC and the enemies named Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.

Enemies? Watchman, that's ridiculous hyperbole.  You have gone too far!

Have I? Jihadists think the American constitution should be overthrown in favor of a system based on Islamic ideals. So-called progressives like Pelosi, Reid and Obama think the American constitution should be overthrown in favor of a system based on socialist ideals.  Progressives will never admit this but, their socialist ideals are as diametrically opposed to the limited government proscribed by the Constitution as sharia law is. The only difference between secular progressives and Jihadists is their means of revolution.

Or is it? The Jihadist's weapon of choice is the suicide bomber. Jihadists persuade their followers that sacrificing themselves for the cause, though contrary to their conscience, is the noble thing to do.  The same tactics are being carried out this week in the U.S. Congress.

Previously House democrats were told that this is an historic moment, that no matter what their constituents tell them now, they will thank them once the healthcare bill is enacted.    Voter anger this week --- which melted down the Capitol Hill phone system --- put the lie to that fig leaf.  Naked and exposed, congressional leaders had no choice but to tell their members the truth: whether you pass this bill or not, you're going to take a severe beating in November. So you might as well do something epic on your way out the door.

The democrats are politically dead and they know it.  This weekend many of them will lay down their political lives to achieve their progressive dream: socialized healthcare.  Just as a Jihadist shouts "Allah Akbar!" right before he detonates his explosive vest, progressives will shout "Aye!" right before casting their explosive votes on the floor of the House of Representatives.  Jihadists are promised an afterlife in which they can deflower 72 virgins.  Progressive's like Ted Kennedy don't wait for the afterlife.

Jihadists are promised they can enter paradise after they blow up innocent bystanders.  House democrats are promised they can enter public service paradise in the executive branch after they blow up innocent tax payers.  Jihadists are promised that their sins will be forgiven in the next life.  House democrats are promised that the sins of the 'Louisiana Purchase', the 'Cornhusker Kickback', and 'North Dakota Student Loan Exemption' will be forgiven by the voters in November.

This weekend the terrorist leadership of the House democrats will complete their suicide bomber training camp by holding their members hostage in Washington while they await Sunday's suicide bombing of the Constitution.  As Mike Huckabee pointed out, this results in a form of the Stockholm Syndrome in which the psychological pressure on Blue Dog prisoners results in the captives expressing support of and even adulation for their captors.

Yes, the nation has been infiltrated by suicide bombers determined to destroy our country and overthrow our form of government.  But they did not sneak across the border; We elected them.

Can the Republic survive?

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  1. This is so over-the-top, so irresponsible, that I cannot even believe that I once thought you were my reasonably intelligent brother.

    Perhaps you are ready to grab a gun and go for it?

    To suggest that the people you have mentioned are not well meaning Americans, as American as you, and with the same good intentions, is to identify yourself as something out there on the lunatic fringe of society. Sorry, but it's self-placement; you are responsible for the locus, not me.

    These people have a *slightly* different view of society than you do. They are not socialists, let alone Marxists, and the claims by your ilk to the contrary expose the bankruptcy of your political philosophy, which maintains that compromise, one of the essential things than makes American democracy work, is a dirty word.

    We'll see who's dead in the next election. (But then, maybe we won't, because after all, *YOU* were dead in the last one.) I don't think you will capture the House. You'll make gains (the opposition almost always does in off-year elections), but you won't take over *anything*. And your chances of getting sixty seats in the Senate (where an un-Constitutional super-majority is now the absurd fact of life) are about the same as the sun going supernova next year.

    Go ahead. Preach to the choir. It's ranks are ever-shrinking, but it imagines that it's the real America. What a shock is coming.