Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fear the Boom and the Bust

As a young watchman I heard the name Keynes often in school.  Hayek not so much.  Here are the two in an amusing rap video.  Who knew economics could be entertaining?

Rather than have political debates across America this summer, we should have Hayek/Keynes debates!


  1. I'm gonna share this with my FB friends!
    good stuff...

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks. Spread it around. I wish I had produced the video!

    Every time I watch it, I see some new subtlety. Did you catch that the bartenders were named Ben and Tim?

    And the line, "We're all Keynesians now" was famously uttered by Richard Nixon, the so-called conservative president who did more economic damage with his 'wage and price controls' than any liberal since FDR.

    Best line: "Freddie, this is Keynes. Party at the Fed!"