Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fear the Boom and the Bust

As a young watchman I heard the name Keynes often in school.  Hayek not so much.  Here are the two in an amusing rap video.  Who knew economics could be entertaining?

Rather than have political debates across America this summer, we should have Hayek/Keynes debates!

Monday, February 8, 2010

If You Are Going to Destroy My Country...

...could you please refrain from applause?  

On Friday, the House of Representatives voted to increase the national debt limit by $1.9 trillion.  After the final gavel fell, house democrats applauded.  Let me say that again.  After increasing the national debt limit to $14.2 trillion  -- a burden your children and their children for generations to come will suffer under -- the democrats gave a thundering round of applause.

We know that the ones applauding were Democrats because not a single Republican voted for the increase.  C-Span cut the sound right after the applause started.  Whether that was in collusion with congress (C-Span bellies up the the public trough of course) or in sympathy with a public whose ears could not stand the zen of even one congressional hand clapping, the Watchman cannot say.  How long did they applaud the downfall of a nation?  We may never know.

But of one thing we can be sure.  There was no evidence of reluctance, no sign of remorse, no sackcloth and ashes, nor any wailing or gnashing of teeth.  That will come in November when these dishonorable representatives of the people, these  corrupt liars, deceitful cheats, unrepentant child molesters, and enslavers of free men will be turned out into the cold streets with a swift kick in their bare ballot box.

Yes, yes.  I know they had to pass the increase or the 'full faith and credit' of the nation would be at risk.  Horror!  But they better never again applaud when they should be hanging their heads in shame and slinking down the steps of the capitol with their tails between their legs for the moral  felony just committed.  The righteous anger of the electorate has been aroused.