Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Crotch Bomber Will Walk

*** Liberty Watchman Exclusive ***

In a White House press briefing this week, spokesman Robert Gibbs made this amazing yet little reported admission (at 20:10 in the clip above).
Question:  Does the president believe that if he [the crotch bomber] was an enemy combatant they would still be able to get intelligence out of him?
Gibbs: Abdulmutallab spent a number of  hours with FBI investigators in which we gleaned useable actionable intelligence.
Oh really?  Was Mr Abdulmutallab's attorney present for those "number of hours"?  You can bet what's left of your 401K that he wasn't because no attorney would allow his client to give "useable actionable intellegence" to the FBI when his client is facing federal charges.  It just would not happen.

Does the Obama administration think it can eat its cake and have it too?  Have they not heard of the 5th amendment to the constitution?  This is yet another example of Obama's rank amateurism in the war on terror.

One thing is now certain and another probable.  Any evidence collected by the FBI prior to the crotch bomber getting an attorney will certainly be ruled inadmissible in court.  And its very likely the judge will throw the whole case out due to the violation of the crotch bomber's 5th amendment rights.

You read it here first:  The pantywaist will walk.

He should never have been brought to a civil court and Obama should never have been elected to the highest office in the land.  We can only hope that both errors are corrected soon.


  1. That man does not have the right, even in civil court, to have an attorney if he planned on killing innocent U.S. citizens. And for that matter, if ever an attorney should take the case by his or her own will, that person should be shunned or exiled. That is completely outrageous and I could not handle why you would want to send murderers back to their own country TO MURDER SOME MORE. I can't agree more with your last paragraph.

  2. The underwear bomber is a hoax to get the public to accept the nude bodyscanners in teh airport. Even crazy "take all your liberties away" England knows they're against teh law and doesn't allow them. There's no way having them will stand up in court either. It's porn!!

  3. Anon,

    While the Watchman enjoys a good conspiracy theory, he doubts entirely that the crotch bomber was a hoax of any kind. However, he agrees that the body scanners are a bad idea.