Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Bad Barack Blasts Bench

Barak Obama is a genius, that's for sure.  Have you ever seen a sitting President dis the Supreme Court like that?  Did he ever take a psych 101 class?  If he didn't like their last ruling, wait 'till he sees the next few.

You see, those folks in the black robes are sitting in the front row for a reason.  They are a co-equal branch of the federal government.  Barry doesn't understand that concept because he figures nobody is his equal.  Well, surprise Mr President!  The SCOTUS figures nobody is their equal either.  And with lifetime appointments, maybe they have a point.

Lifetime appointments are designed to make them impervious to political pressure.  So they don't like it when you chastise them on the floor of congress.  One can only imagine how you would react, Mr Obama, if you were dressed down during a joint session of congress, broadcast for all the nation to see, with the yapping of one co-equal branch of government in one of your voluminous ears and the thunderous applause of a standing ovation from the third co-equal branch of government ringing in your other.

Sir, you are a fool.  Think what you like about the court's decision, comment as you like in any forum in which the court is not present, but publicly embarrass your betters at your own peril.

Think it doesn't matter?  Who cares if Justice Alito shakes his head in disdain while mouthing "Not true."   Not  true / you lie -- what's the difference?  Alito was never going to vote my way any more than Wilson was.  Again sir, if that's your thinking (and the Watchman wagers it will be after you view the video), you are a fool.

Every case before the court has strong arguments on both sides of the issue.  If it were not so, why would we need the highest court in the land to hear them.  Add to that the fact that the court is fairly evenly divided on most issues.  Or hadn't you noticed?  The margin between sustaining and overturning a ruling is usually one justice thin.  Do you really think that a justice who is wavering on the case of "anybody vs the Executive Branch of the United States", isn't going to remember the gauntlet you threw down on the floor of congress?

You bet he will.  He'll think to himself, "I can't believe that pompous excuse for an executive threw down on us on national TV!  Who the $@&^% does he think he is?  Constitutional law professor, my derrier.  Does he have the slightest idea what co-equal means?  Why he couldn't even clerk for me let alone be appointed to this august body.  The twit."

How many split decisions did you just lose, Mr President.  And what did you gain from it other than another cheap ego thrill?  Big bad Barack blasts  the bench!  I'll be remembered as one of the most courageous president's in history!!  "I'm urging Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to right this wrong," bellowed a defiant Obama.

Well gee, Barry, why don't you just double dog dare SCOTUS to overturn that future law.  Just how many of your suicidal party on the Hill will agree to cosponsor that legal affront?  Wet-behind-those-massive-always-hearing-never-listening-ears just doesn't begin to describe you!

Time for a psych 101 refresher.  Or maybe the Dale Carnegie course "How to win friends and influence people".

In his next post, the Watchman will explain why Barack Obama acts the way that he does.  There is a common thread behind everything he does.  Watch for it (pun intended)!

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  1. Barry? You seem to like to dis your President too. Pot calling the kettle black?