Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Location, Location, Location - updated

Or perhaps in the case of the Thomson Correctional Center the saying should be amended to 'Never give a sucker an even break.'

Liberty Watchman is on record as being opposed to bringing terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the US.  However, the Watchman's mama didn't raise no chumps.  When the sale is inevitable, when you've got a prime piece of real estate and a motivated buyer, you hold out for top dollar.

Governor Quinn seems oblivious to his cat bird seat.  He plans to get three appraisals which he believes will get us "fair market value".

Forget that Pat.  You aren't selling the family homestead or posting a used riding mower on eBay.  Did you learn nothing from your mentor, Rod Blagojevich?
"This thing is is golden.  You think I'm just gonna give it away?"
This is Illinois, Pat, sell it the Chicago Way.
"So dair Mister Obama -- can I call you Barack?  So yooze guys in DC are lookin' to buy a lock-up, is you?  Weeeell, dose just don't grow on trees, now do dey?  But seein' as how yer a home boy, I think we can woyk out a deal.  We wuz hangin' on to da joint for incarceration of past and future Governors, but even that won't fill up da joint.  So for you?  We can make you an offer you can't refuse."
Forget the appraisals, Mr Quinn.  Figure out how much we paid to build the thing.  Then add every dollar we ever spent on maintenance right down to the street sweeper.  Then multiply the result by ten.  Or maybe multiply it by 100 to give yourself some negotiating room.

If Obama balks at the price remind him that every dollar he spends to buy the Thomson facility is one less dollar he'll have to give us in the bailout of the State of Illinois treasury next year.

Pat, whatever price you ask for is the price you will get.  If Obama doesn't buy it what's his plan B?  For that matter what is his plan 'C'?  You will never encounter a more motivated buyer, Pat.  Yield him no quarter.  Nor nickel nor dime.

Then once you've sold it... block the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to Illinois.  Now, that's the Chicago Way!

Update:  Quinn, don't sell this on the cheap with an expectation of a quid pro quo down the road.  Obama is a one termer so you've only got 3 years to grovel for payback.  And recall that Obama hasn't exactly lavished his home state with goodies in his first year.  Even the Porculus bill wasn't a big winner for Illinois.  Get the cash on the barrel head at the time of sale.

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