Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please Don't Forget #14

Words matter.  Numbers matter.  Life matters.

As Liberty Watchman pointed out last weekend, the Ft Hood massacre was a cowardly act of murder carried out by a Jihadist terrorist.  I wrote this because there was so much equivocating and hand-wringing going on in the Lame Street Media -- even by the likes of the generally more intellegent Bill O'Reilly -- about whether or not this was a terrorist attack or just a run-of-the-mill shooting performed by an unstable man who 'just snapped'.

In the week since the atrocity occurred, there has been some improvement by the LSM in terms of enemy identification.  However, they remain mealymouthed about certain descriptions and accounts of this travesty.  For example, the most frequent phrase I read in the press is 'Fort Hood Tragedy'.  What happened at Ft Hood was indeed a tragedy, but that is about the mildest descriptor one can apply to this travesty, this massacre, this atrocity, this murderous abomination, this... well, you get the idea.

Calling the events of November 5th a mere 'tragedy' is to praise with faint damnation.  When a plane crashes it's a tragedy.  A car accident is a tragedy.  A stage play is a tragedy.  A 'C' on your child's report card is a tragedy.  But none of these things happens because some monster woke up on November 5th, put on his US Army uniform, prayed toward Mecca, grabbed his two guns, drove to work, and killed 14 people at point blank range, not stopping after seeing the profoundly shocking and nauseating effects of the first shot, or the second shot, or even the third.  You want to talk about 'snapped'?  How does the sight of the blood and broken bodies of the first, second, or seventh victim not 'snap' a person out of his murderous stupor?

So let's not call it a mere 'tragedy' any longer.

And let's stop saying that there were 13 people killed at Fort Hood when in fact 14 human lives were snuffed out.  Twenty-one year old Francheska Velez, back from a tour of duty in Iraq defusing bombs, was 3 months pregnant at the time she was murdered.

It's not a surprise that the LSM doesn't acknowledge the life of Francheska's child, of course, but the sheer scope of the back-turning is breathtaking.  A search of Google News turns up 1,755 hits for "13 people killed".  But "14 people killed"?  Only 18 hits -- and not one of them refers to the Ft Hood massacre.

So is it any wonder that Hasan was only charged with 13 counts of murder today?  It's not a wonder, but it is a travesty of justice.

Conservatives know better, right?  The Watchman just received this email from the the National Republican Trust (a political action committee).  It begins:
Dear Supporter:
I want to share my latest column on the murder of 13 Americans, and wounding of 40 more, last Thursday on the Fort Hood Army Base.
Come on conservatives!  Words matter.  Numbers matter.  Life matters.

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