Thursday, November 19, 2009

Incompetence Thy Name Is Holder

Just as Tiny Tim was anything but small, and Pete Best was the worst of the Beatles drummers, Attorney General Eric Holder seems unable to actually hold.  In fact, he's doing everything possible to loose the 9/11 terrorists.

Think of it.  He's got them all bottled up -- held -- there in Gitmo and all he can think to do is scatter them to the wind.  Some to come to NY for the show trial of their dreams, some to arrive in IL for R&R at the Thomson facility for wayward Jihadist boys,  and others... well, who knows where they will end up.

Holder's incompetence in planning for a trial of the 9/11 terrorists was highlighted during today's Senate hearings.  In an exchange that will go down in history, Senator Linsey Graham asked Holder,

"If we capture Bin Laden tomorrow will he be entitled to Maranda warnings at the moment of capture?"
Holder replies,
 "[brief pause]Again... I'm not... that all... that all depends."
That was red meat for Graham who interrupted Holder loudly saying,
 "THAT DOES NOT DEPEND!  If you're going to prosecute anybody in civilian court, our law is clear that the moment custodial interrogation occurs, the defendant -- the criminal defendant -- is entitled to a lawyer and to be informed of their right to remain silent.
"The big problem I have is that you are criminalizing the war.  That if we caught Bin Laden tomorrow we have mixed theories and we couldn't turn him over to the CIA, the FBI, or military intelligence for an interrogation on the battlefield.  Because now we are saying he is subject to criminal court in the United States and you're confusing the people who are fighting this war."
What would you tell the military commander who captured him?  Would you tell him you must read him his rights and give him a lawyer?  And if you didn't tell him that would you jeopardize the prosecution in a federal court?"

Bill O'Reilly said that Holder looked like a third grader at that moment.  I guess that proves that Hold is not smarter than a 5th grader.

Pat Buchanan makes a cogent argument for Holder's incompetence when he lists the myriad enemies of our country who were not granted all the rights and privileges of citizens and were not tried in federal court.  Even John Wilkes Booth, a bona fide citizen who committed his crime on US soil, was considered an enemy combatant and was tried and hung by a military court.  Why do we give Khalid Sheikh Mohammed more rights than Booth?

Holder's conflicting thoughts and statements are a wonder to behold.  He states repeatedly in his Senate testimony that the nation is at war, yet grants the rights of citizens to our enemies.  He boldly declares that the accused will be convicted while saying he will not use the most convincing evidence of all -- their own confessions -- in court.  He asserts that they will be convicted, but it they are not, they will not be set free on the streets on New York.

Does Holder make our justice system look like the envy of the world?  No, he makes it look like a rigged Chicago election.  Who cares what the vote count is or what the jury says.  Either way we'll get this done the Chicago Way.

Holder is a buffoon.  There is no more accurate way to say it.  These terrorists have not been 'Mirandized' but they have been coercively interrogated -- some would say tortured.  Any federal judge worth his legal precedence would be compelled to throw this case out of his court room and let the defendants walk.

And what of the Jihadist car-bomber just aching to take himself and KSM to the 70 virgins while sending a few dozen -- or few hundred -- innocent Americans to Hell at the same time.  Prison officials in New York are saying they don't have enough resources to ensure safety for these trials.

And finally this.  Why doesn't Holder recuse himself from this decision considering his past (and present) association with a law firm which is presently defending 17 Gitmo detainees.

Incompetence might be too kind a moniker.  This stinks out loud as so many of the decisions coming out of the Obama administration do.

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