Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama's Secret Plan for Victory in Iran

President Obama has been getting a lot of foreign policy flack lately.

First, he was criticized for unilaterally dropping the anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe.  Then he caught heat for being soft on Iran's nuclear ambitions.  There was even a report that the President was being advised to shoot down Israeli planes if Israel acted independently against Iran.  Most recently Mr Obama has appeared weak and indecisive while he delays acting on General McChrystal's request for 40,000 additional troops in Afghanistan.

But what if there is a method to Obama's madness?  What if BHO actually has a secret plan for victory in Iran that goes something like this...

First, despite his emphasis on diplomacy, President Obama surely realizes that nothing short of military action will persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons development program.  He also understands that a military option can only work if Russia agrees not to support Iran in an armed conflict with the US/Israel.  So Obama cuts a secret deal with Putin.  Putin will look the other way on Iran in return for the US agreeing to drop the missile defense system in Poland.

Obama is also smart enough to know that air power alone will not be enough to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, especially those buried under the mountain at Qom.  A certain number of assault troops will be needed to make sure all the underground facilities are destroyed.

The problem is that US forces are already stretched thin around the world.  General McChrystal's request for 40,000 additional troops in Afghanistan will strain US forces to the breaking point. There will certainly not be enough troops in reserve to perform a raid on Iran.

So President Obama is delaying the troop surge in Afghanistan in order to have enough forces ready to strike against Iran.  He's giving Iran until the end of the year to respond to diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions.  Then Obama will order US forces (in cooperation with Israeli forces) to destroy the nuclear weapons making facilities in Iran.

The attack on Iran will be staged from Afghanistan and the large number of troops movng to Afghanistan at the end of the year will mask their real intent:  an attack on Iran.

This is Obama's secret plan for victory in Iran.  Or at least I wish it was...

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