Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Honeymoon Souring, Buyer's Remorse, Bloom Is Off the Rose...

Tide Turning, Wall Crumbling, Political Sea Change, Changing Horses Midstream, Thrown Under the Bus, etc, etc.

Pick your euphemism, the times they are-a-changin'!

The Saturday Night Live send up of President Obama last weekend may have been the biggest political sea change since the November election.  Heretofore, Obama was off limits to serious satire in the lame stream media.  Then in one evening, the anointed one was crucified by his own followers.

The SNL lampoon was no mild ribbing about, say, the president's smoking.  It was a frontal assault on his competence.  It stung because it was largely true.  Aside from the porculous bill and the auto industry takeover, name three achievements of the Obama administration in the past 10 months.  Give up?

Today CNN rushed to put their corporate finger in the Obama-loving dam by -- I can scarcely believe I'm writing this -- running a so-called news piece that fact checked the SNL skit.  You can pick up your teeth from the floor now.

Fact checking a satire?  I'd bet money this is the first time a so-called hard news channel has ever fact checked a late night comedy.  And just to highlight the bias, CNN closed the news piece with a clip of Tina Fey spoofing Sarah Palin.  The Obama satire?  "Inaccurate."  The Palin satire?  "Spot-on."

Unlike the Little Dutch Boy, CNN will not be able to stanch this flow.  Obama's base is angry.  They know they should dance with the one-what-brung-'em, but they realize their beau has been two-timing them.  Anti-war?  Hardly.  World leader?  Tell that to Sarkozy or the International Olympic Committee.  Nanny-state socialist?  Yes, but an ineffective one.

A second hole broke through yesterday when William Ayers laid claim to the authorship of Obama's book, Dreams From My Father.  It was a very strange confession in a very strange circumstance.  Many believe Ayers was just baiting a conservative blogger with a false tale in hopes that the citizen journalist would embarrass herself by following up on the story.  Oh those crazy right wing bloggers don't ya know.

But what possible good can it do the Obama administration to have the blogosphere poking into Obama's background?  He survived it during the campaign, but not without throwing his old chum Reverend Wright under the bus.  So why tempt fate?  Even if the claim is a canard and some obscure blogger gets publically embarrassed for catting the mouse, what's the benefit of that compared to the risk of a further background check on Ayers/Obama?  Ayers is not that stupid.

Somebody is being gamed alright, but it's not the blogger.  Ayers has fired a shot across Obama's bow.  I made you pal.  I can unmake you.  Tow the anti-war line or face our wrath.

Obama's main political problem is not the conservative tea parties; It's the impending collapse of his base.  It all started with the SNL skit and it will conclude with Obama's defeat in 2012.

Pop some popcorn and pull up a chair.  It should be entertaining.

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