Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Did Bill Ayers Write Obama's Book?

During a fascinating airport encounter with Bill Ayers, Chicago blogger Anne Leary (nom de plume: Backyard Conservative) claims Ayers took credit for writing Obama's book Dreams From My Father.

It was a chance encounter at Reagan National Airport and Ayers knew he was talking to a conservative blogger.  So why did he offer this info out of the blue?  And why did he lay down a challenge to Ms Leary to prove the claim true?

He may have just been yanking her chain, trying to get her to chase a false story.  On the other hand, a man as defiant as Ayers would surely bristle under the requirement that he be a ghostwriter for a man who is now the most famous and powerful person in the world.  Add to that the indignation of Obama throwing Ayers under the bus during the campaign by claiming no significant relationship with Ayers.  Might Ayers chum the water with this mackerel in hopes that a hungry blogger would bite Obama on the rump and reveal Ayers for the moving force that he is?

You gotta wonder.

If it can be proved that Ayers was Obama's ghost writer, that might be the last nail in the Obama credibility coffin.

BTW, the Watchman has been at that same Starbuck's counter in Reagan National many times on his way between Chicago and DC.  But he's never been lucky enough to run across Bill Ayers at that location.


  1. Republicans have been wreaking havoc with ACORN, healthcare, and Obama's agenda overall. Outside of the stimulus package, Obama has not been able to pass any major legislation. To make matters worse, the American people are pissed the hell off that the stimulus was passed.

    You see, Obama has made the same mistake Mousavi would have made had he been elected president of Iran: Obama overestimated himself and underestimated the people. The American people don't want radical changes to the U.S., the American people were angry at Bush for the money spent and the supposed freedoms lost. People don't wont debt nor a big government. Obama has given them both. People truly believed Obama's promises and he hasn't delivered transparency or bipartisanship. Unemployment is still going up.

    Since the 70s people have fretted about recessions, yet we have never experienced a true recession in a long time...until now. And the average recession lasts more than a year, and thus longer than any economic downturns we have previously faced.

    Is Ayers, like most radical lefties, still pissed about us still being in a war and no legislation passed to protect against global warming among other things? Of course.

    But claiming to have wrote Obama's book? Please. He'll come out saying the right wing falls for his nonsensical claims, in hopes of breaking Republican credibility. Another lie, another red herring.

    Besides, Obama is narcissistic to the bone and would never ever give up a chance to gloat about himself.

  2. audacity;
    It has long been noted that technical and stylistic analysis matches Ayers' writing to Dreams, while what little of Obama's proven writing exists shows no resemblance (or writing ability, for that matter. Confused sentences, random punctuation -- completely hopeless, according to professional editors.)

    Nothing about Obama's purported background or achievements stands up to even superficial scrutiny.

  3. P.S. 'Audacity' shows a very different style and author. Best match is Favreau, trying to emulate Ayers (and mostly failing).