Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hold That Seat, Please!

Illinois Review has collected a few tidbits from disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's new book, The Governor.  Regarding conversations between Blago and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel,  the AP's  Deanna Bellandi writes:

When Mr. Blagojevich talked to Mr. Emanuel after the election about the Senate pick, Mr. Obama's right-hand man "did not lobby for anyone in particular," according to the book. 
Mr. Blagojevich said Mr. Emanuel was interested in his own career because he had to give up his congressional seat to work in the Obama White House. Mr. Blagojevich writes that Mr. Emanuel dreamed of being speaker of the House and wanted to know whether Mr. Blagojevich would work with him to name a successor to "hold" his seat until he wanted it back.
"Did not lobby for anyone in particular?"  A senate seat is up for grabs and Blago expects us to believe that the White House did not suggest even one potential appointee?  Well, the Watchman guesses he has to write his book in a way that lines up with his court case, now doesn't he.

What is believable, however, is that "Rahmbo" Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel wanted Blago to hold his congressional seat for him by appointing a 'place holder' who presumably would step down whenever Rahmbo decided he wanted the seat back.

Liberty Watchman is reminded of the disgusting irony that 'Emanuel' means 'God with us'.  Apparently Mr Emanuel thinks he is God and is entitled to a congressional-throne-for-life just like Ted Kennedy.  The arrogance of this class of politician must be a stench in the the nose of the One True God.  Is it any wonder that in a recent Rasmussen poll, 57% of the American people want to replace the entire Congress, en masse? 

Whether Blagojevich told the truth on Emanuel or a lie, he's now created an adversary on par with the US Attorney.  From now on (or at least until he goes to prison) Blago better smell his mail before he opens it and check his car before he starts it.

Another claim in Blago's book is that he was all set to appoint Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to Obama's vacant senate seat when his own indictment scuttled the deal.  The trouble with that claim is why has  Madigan declined to run for the seat since then?  No, here we have another bit of the book that has to line up with coming court testimony I guess.  He sure can't chronicle in his book how he offered the seat to the highest bidder.

The Watchman wonders if even slick Rod Blagojevich has a hard time keeping track of which statements he has made that are truth versus which ones are fiction.

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