Friday, September 4, 2009

Durbin Needs Drubbin' For Made-to-Order Town Halls

After saying that town hall meetings are "not worth my time", Illinois Senator Dick Durbin designed his own politically bullet-proof health care "listening session" for 9:30 AM September 4th in the booming metropolis of Quincy, IL.

The meeting:
  • consists only of Durbin and his hand-picked attendees.
  • is not open to the public -- at least not apparently,
  • was announced only the night before it would take place, and
  • is being held in a relatively small, remote town in Illinois.
This was not Durbin's first 'listening session' this summer, but they have all followed the same closed-to-the-public pattern with little or no notice in advance.

They are clearly fig leaf gestures designed to create (im)plausible deniability against charges that Durbin cowered in a corner during the entire congressional break.  But that, in fact, is just what our Senior Senator did and no amount of 'listening session' flim flam will deceive the voters of Illinois into thinking otherwise come the next election.

Barney Frank or Dick Durbin?  Hari Kari is not an option.

At least Barney shows up to a public meeting.

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  1. Dick Durbin is a dud. We need him out.