Friday, August 21, 2009

Kirk Announces Town Hall

Mark Kirk has just announced that he will hold an "open town hall meeting at the Arlington Heights Village Hall's Village Board Room," on Monday, August 24. He says, "We will meet to discuss health care, including my concerns with the cost, complication and taxes included in the House bill."

It's interesting that he refers to it as an open town hall -- obviously in contrast to the closed town hall meeting Kirk had with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce on August 12th. Liberty Watchman wrote about the fact that media cameras were kicked out of the last town hall meeting attended by Kirk.

Did Liberty Watchman help to influence this new spur-of-the-moment town hall meeting? Certainly we played a part!

The question is how open will this meeting really be? The timing of the announcement is strange -- late on a Friday afternoon, the usual time for press releases you don't want anybody to read. And with only 72 hours notice the turnout probably won't be all that it could be. Add to that a complete absence of the meeting announcement on Kirk's congressional web site and you have to wonder is this an intent to fly under the radar or just poor organization.

The only reason Watchman heard about the town hall is that his better half is on Kirk's email list. By emailing his presumed supporters before making a general announcement, is Congressman Kirk attempting to stack the deck of the meeting? Or again, is this just poor planning? Either way, it raises some unnecessary questions about a would-be US Senator.

Will cameras be welcome this time around? We'll let you know as the Liberty Watchman will be there, camera in hand.

Monday, August 24
Arlington Heights Village Hall
Village Board Room
33 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights
3:00 p.m.

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